Middlebury 103: Our People

Wednesday, June 20th, 11:00am-12:00pm, MG100

Presentation: go.miis.edu/midd103

There is no doubt that the best thing about Middlebury is the incredible people that make up our community. Our days might involve reviewing new student applications, teaching someone how to ski, preparing hundreds of meals, teaching a field geology class, joining a tango lesson in Buenos Aires, coaching lacrosse, researching the blue economy, avoiding English at all costs, managing a golf course, animating a movie, repainting a classroom, writing the next chapter of a novel – and that’s barely scratching the surface!

Come take a closer look at the people that make up Middlebury, and learn more about the unique contributions that each of us make to our common mission. 

Note: This session is part of a series designed to help employees learn more about our organization. You do not need to have attended the previous sessions to participate, but you can check out the presentations here: http://go.miis.edu/midd101http://go.miis.edu/midd102