Six Word Stories

Six word stories are inspired by Hemingway’s famous story “For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.” This activity asks participants create a six word story about themselves. The story can be funny, serious, poetic, mysterious, light-hearted, disjointed, whatever you feel like composing!

Time: 30 Minutes
Materials: Post-it Notes & Markers
Good for: Ice-breaking, Teambuilding, Creativity
Works well for: Individuals, Groups, Teams

Sample Outline

  1. Hand out six sticky notes and a marker to each participant.
  2. Give participants 5-7 minutes to compose their six word story, writing one word on each sticky note.
  3. Once everyone has composed their story, ask participants to share and discuss their story with a partner or small group.

Additional Ideas

  • The group can create a gallery by posting their stories up on a wall if they feel comfortable doing so.
  • Provide time for individuals to view the gallery of stories, and share or ask questions about the stories.