Training & Development Survey Results 2019/20

Thank you to the Institute employees who completed our second annual Training & Development Survey in June 2019. The survey asked participants to indicate their level of interest in a variety of skill development opportunities, and the full results are shown in the chart below. Of the nearly 30 skills included in the survey, the top ten areas of interest that emerged were:

  1. Managing Conflict
  2. Employee development, coaching & mentoring
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Difficult Conversations
  5. Managing projects
  6. Supporting diversity & inclusion
  7. Intercultural competence
  8. Strategic thinking
  9. Relationship & team building
  10. Presentation & public speaking

Over the next several months, we will prioritize skill development opportunities that explore these ten areas. However, every single skill surveyed received a substantial level of interest, and many additional ideas were submitted for exploring tools like Excel and re-offering manager training. All of your input will guide our offerings, and we hope to make the coming year valuable for your professional development.

Below are the full survey results, which represent responses from about 30% of Monterey staff members.

Stay tune for a preliminary FA19 workshop schedule to come out in August, and thanks again for your engagement and participation!

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