Bankable Leadership


Bankable Leadership


Happy People, Bottom-Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both


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People or Results? You Don't Have to Choose!

''If I relentlessly drive my team to achieve our goals, they won't like me.''

''If I try to make everybody on the team happy, we won't hit our numbers.''

As a leader, you've likely felt this fundamental tension--the tension between driving results and developing positive relationships with your people. Despite all the research telling us that effective leaders do both, most of us struggle to balance the happiness of our teams and the health of the bottom line. We are more comfortable focusing on one or the other, and we feel overwhelmed and drained by the challenges we face when we try to accomplish both.

In Bankable Leadership, psychologist, executive coach, and proud leadership geek Dr. Tasha Eurich (or Dr. T) solves this dilemma and reveals how to make leadership exhilarating, fun, and fulfilling. Built on decades of research and the transformation of real leaders, her fresh, practical model can help anyone become bankable--producing results while fostering a healthy work environment that ensures sustainable success. Discover how to
- Be human and drive performance,
- Be helpful and drive responsibility,
- Be thankful and drive improvement, and
- Be happy and drive productivity.

Dr. T's approach will help you develop these universally effective behaviors through an online assessment and boots-on-the-ground tools, like earning trust through transparency, treating adults like adults, and taking a no-fear approach to feedback.

Whether you re struggling to build a more productive team, increase confidence in your leadership skills, or consistently deliver results, Bankable Leadership is the resource you've been waiting for!


Author Tasha Eurich



Greenleaf Book Group Press


October 2013






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